Annual Report

Net One Systems publishes an integrated Annual Report to deepen understanding about its business activities and its strategy for achieving sustained growth.

Company Overview and Value Creation

Since the earliest days of networks, Net One Systems has grown its business by always listening to customers and supporting them with any issue. Spurred by advances in ICT, Net One Systems is also moving into new business fields. We will continue to adapt our business model to create new value for customers and generate sustained growth.

Growth Strategy

Net One Systems will leverage its strengths to tap new opportunities, backed by customers and technologies


Advances in ICT and the utilization of ICT are helping to address issues faced by society today, giving ICT a vital role in creating a sustainable society. Net One Systems contributes to a sustainable society and sustainable growth at customers through the utilization of ICT. In line with that thinking – the basis of sustainability at Net One Systems – we have positioned sustainability as a key issue in our business operations.

Review of Operations

Key Data