Harness ICT to support work style innovation and advances in industrial IoT, as well as predict and detect cyber attacks and system failures

Share of revenue (Fiscal 2017)

Key markets / sectors

  • Large enterprises in the financial, manufacturing, non-manufacturing and Internet service provider (ISP) sectors


Revenue \49,680 million  
Operating income \3,145 million

Operating environment

  • Sustained strong demand related to cloud systems, security and work style innovation

Strengths and characteristics

  • The enterprise business has built up a high level of trust with customers after many years of providing high-quality network infrastructure. 
  • Backed by that trust, we share with customers the Group’s knowledge and experience of using ICT. Our flexible approach allows customers to install practical cloud systems, reinforce security and implement work style innovation.

Key growth themes

  • Non-office work style innovation
  • Advances in industrial IoT overseas 
  • Business expansion in the corporate market
  • Prediction and detection of cyber-attacks and system failures

Segment performance (reference only)


Order backlog


Operating income / Operating margin