Explore the potential of new business formats by rapidly introducing the latest technologies outside the boundaries of existing ICT businesses

Share of revenue (Fiscal 2017)

Key markets / sectors

  • Specializes in business partner collaboration
  • Uses partner companies to increase the Group’s market coverage 


Revenue \30,985 million 

Operating income \1,426 million

Operating environment

  • Business with key partners remains firm
  • Strong growth in managed services for telecom carriers 

Strengths and characteristics

  • Handles a wide range of products from overseas 
  • Provides quality assurance, technology verification and value-added services such as proposal support, system maintenance and operation
  • Identifies cutting-edge ICT equipment and solutions in overseas markets and helps introduce them into Japan

Key growth themes

  • Increase awareness of and trust in Net One Partners in the volume business (increases size of profits) 
  • Expand the value business (improves profit margins) 

Segment performance (reference only)


Order backlog


Operating income / Operating margin