Provide reliable and secure ICT platforms for public infrastructure to support the sustainable development of society and drive Net One Systems’ growth

Share of revenue (Fiscal 2017)

Key markets / sectors

  • Central government agencies, local governments, universities, research centers, public infrastructure companies such as electricity and gas firms, and hospitals


Revenue \48,751 million 

Operating income \2,152 million

Operating environment

  • Companies and public bodies in Japan are strengthening security following the introduction of the national ID system (My Number). Customers in the public market are also shifting to cloud services to optimize ICT platforms and improve efficiency.

Strengths and characteristics

  • Consulting services that help customers clearly identify the issues they face
  • Optimization of the full ICT platform cycle, from design, installation and maintenance to operation, optimization and in-field improvement

Key growth themes

  • Trend towards cloud-based ICT platforms and increased security 
  • Growing reach of ICT business into areas such as visualization of energy usage

Segment performance (reference only)


Order backlog


Operating income / Operating margin (loss)