Annual Report 2020

Aiming to Become the Leading Company in Integrated Services

The Net One Group positions all its customer-facing activities as “Integrated Service Business.” The main goal of these activities is to create new value for customers. 
Net One Systems aims to drive “change” at customers and in society itself by utilizing ICT to make an even greater contribution to customers’ business growth.


The Annual Report 2020 (HTML and PDF versions) is based on the Japanese version of the Annual Report 2020 issued in September 2020 and, except for the Financial Data (for 12 years) in the Key Data section, does not reflect the revisions to past financial results and related issues disclosed in December 2020. As a result, this report contains information that is inappropriate for use in making investment decisions, and should not be relied upon in making such decisions. Note that the Company assumes no responsibility for any matters arising from the use of the information presented in the Annual Report, for any reason whatsoever. 
For the latest IR information, please refer to IR News on our IR website.

Looking at the keywords


Chapter 1 Value Creation

Net One Systems provides support for utilizing ICT, helping people and companies to “connect” and “communicate” and ultimately drive “change” in society
— Net One Systems’ business model and value creation

Chapter 2 Growth Strategy

Information about how Net One Systems is striving to become the leading company in integrated services: progress with the Medium-Term Business Plan and future business strategy amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Chapter 3 

Net One Systems is tackling six key issues, aiming to continue growing with society through its business activities and ensure the Group’s sustainability 

Chapter 4 
Review of Operations

Information about the Group’s four business segments and future outlook



Key Data

Financial and non-financial data and glossary