Aspiring to be a company admired

by all stakeholders



Takayuki Yoshino

Chairman and CEO

Net One Systems Co., Ltd.

June 2018







Net One Systems celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Our market and the expectations of our customers have changed dramatically in the period since the Company was founded.


Until now, we have communicated with shareholders and other investors mainly through semiannual Net One Reports. This is our first ever Annual Report.

As before, we will continue to provide information about Net One Systems and our business approach, but we plan to use this and future Annual Reports to explain in more detail our longer-term strategic thinking and how we intend to drive growth over the next five to ten years.


Japan is becoming more embedded in the global community and Net One Systems is increasingly sourcing and integrating products from vendors in North America and other overseas markets. We use those products to create unique solutions for customers by combining them with our proprietary services. Given those trends, we have to think about our markets and the value we provide from a global perspective. 
My hope is that this report will give people a deeper understanding about Net One Systems and how we plan to generate growth over the medium to long term.