A strategy of building next-generation businesses
Shifting our focus to services

The shift to cloud computing, the need for greater security and the use of IoT in society is likely to gain momentum. In that environment, our previous product-out business, which involved generating profits simply by selling equipment, will no longer be viable. At Net One Systems, we know that we have to build a new market-in business model focused on the utilization of ICT. 
To build that new business model, we are developing an integrated service business to support all phases of customer ICT platforms. The integrated service business is an extension of our businesses so far. With our existing approach, we follow a number of steps – listen to and understand customer needs, recommend the best system for their needs, test and verify system performance, and after confirming effectiveness, install the system in the customer’s operations. Net One Systems provides value-added services as an integral part of that process, so our business is already oriented towards service provision. 

We are now planning to offer system operation services as part of our integrated service business. Advances in cloud computing mean ICT platforms at customers are becoming very complex. That is spurring rising demand for support services to ensure smooth system operation on a daily basis and rapid troubleshooting. Our deep knowledge of networks means we are well-placed to operate entire ICT platforms, which bring together different elements. We plan to use automation to resolve small issues that occur on a daily basis, while large issues will need to be addressed through collaboration with customers. Providing services on behalf of customers will also give us a deeper insight into the issues they face, helping us develop and propose new systems optimized for their needs. 

Shifting to that kind of service menu and adopting that approach to proposal marketing should sufficiently boost growth in our services business. By ensuring all our employees understand that approach and by rebuilding our existing businesses, I’m confident we will be on the right path to our new business model. 

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