Establish new theories, create new markets
Aiming to be an attractive, unique company

The key to Net One Systems’ sustained growth is whether we can develop new theories and create new markets based on projections for the network sector five to ten years from now. 
Labor shortages due to structural changes in Japan’s population are a major risk for us and our customers. We will be able to tap into new business opportunities if we can create mechanisms to mitigate that risk. One potential approach is to increase efficiency by standardizing business processes. 
In simple terms, customers have to be able to input their information and generate the necessary output (information). In three to five years time, that will probably be possible by simply linking to package systems in the cloud. When that happens, the ICT sector will undergo far-reaching change. However, we still see the need for businesses that can link all the elements that make up those systems. Security measures and troubleshooting will also be very important. Only companies like Net One Systems with a deep knowledge of networks will be able to handle that type of work. We need to prepare for that business landscape as soon as possible by anticipating the changes ahead. 
To reiterate what I said earlier, people are our strength. Rather than needlessly targeting business expansion, I want to leverage that strength to ensure Net One Systems is an attractive, globally unique company. I also want our approach to be widely recognized so that it becomes a model that supports the Japanese economy as a whole. 
I would like to ask for your continued cooperation and support.