Over the last five years, our updated business model has led to a marked change in what customers expect from Net One Systems. System verification and validation by Net One Systems has allowed customers to save time and effort, minimizing the risk of failure, but the biggest change has been the trust customers have put in our user case studies, creating a new area where we lead the market. The success of these measures is behind Net One Systems’ growth over the last few years. 


And now, with the arrival of cloud computing, we are targeting new areas of opportunity. In cloud environments, applications and the platforms used to operate those applications are separate. One example is fast-growing online retailer Amazon, which provides its platform to users via a public cloud – the internet. Net One Systems also integrates all elements of ICT platforms, but has created private cloud environments using on-premises data centers.  In addition to existing networks, cloud platforms include modules such as servers, storage, security and virtualization software, so focusing on the cloud opens up more possibilities in the ICT market for our business. We plan to monitor and learn from developments in the market to identify areas where we can lead change.


In my dialogue with investors, I have explained how we are putting considerable effort into training personnel to support our move into servers, storage, virtualization and security, because focusing on systems integration alone is no longer a viable option. That shift in strategy takes time, but we have started to see some results in the last two years. We plan to continue training and hiring engineers, including securing personnel through M&A deals.