Embracing change
― The key to ensuring the Company’s future over the next ten years

In addition to cloud systems, Net One Systems is targeting security and the IoT society as growth fields.


ICT tools are being adopted in a growing range of areas through a process of trial and error, which is why we have set up dedicated IoT demonstration and verification centers at our head office and our offices in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture. That is part of our work with customers to learn about industrial IoT (IIoT) for the manufacturing sector, which is becoming an increasingly important part of our business. In Japan, cybersecurity tends to be seen as IT issue, but in North America and Europe, there is also growing interest in physical measures such as fingerprint sensors and mobile device authentication. One thing is clear though: cybersecurity is likely to play an even more important role in society over the next five to ten years.


However, as IoT moves into more areas of society, including safety and security, companies will need to process vast amounts of data. Networks, including those in the testing stage, are currently capable of maximum data transfer speeds of 400Gbps. Some companies are reportedly about to start research into systems that can achieve 800Gbps or even 1.6Tbps within the next two to three years. That kind of dramatic transformation in networks brings the idea of widespread use of IoT and security in social infrastructure closer to reality. We plan to monitor changes in society and technology while working to fully realize our corporate philosophy: “Contribute to innovation in society by utilizing ICT.”


There are two basic approaches companies can follow to increase profits: “increase volume” and “improve quality.” In general, companies in Japan will not be able to avoid the impact of contracting markets caused by Japan’s declining and aging population. But for a company like Net One Systems, which is focused on corporate customers, the impact is likely to be modest. We still see plenty of scope for profit growth in Japan, based on the number of customers we currently do business with and the total number of companies in Japan. 


However, while increasing the number of employees would help us grow our markets, it could also negatively affect the quality of our services. Net One Systems is not a hardware manufacturer, so the only way we can improve quality is by continuing to create our unique kind of added value. And we’re confident we can achieve that by leveraging our technological expertise and our powerful partnerships with vendors.