We plan to “increase volume” by using ICT tools to carry out efficient marketing in the corporate market and “improve quality” by accelerating our shift to services. We are now into our third fiscal year of initiatives in the corporate market, and we are gradually starting to see some concrete results. 


Net One Systems faces two main risks. The first is a sudden breakdown in the relationship with vendors – our strategic partners – due to an M&A deal or other event. That kind of development is outside our control, so we need to build a balanced portfolio of vendors that is not too dependent on one company. 


The second risk is personnel. In June, we appointed a new President, Toru Arai, and I became Chairman & CEO. My hope is that this change in leadership will bring fresh thinking to the Company. My role is to support the next generation of leaders as they take on new challenges, while also drawing on my experience and knowledge to offer advice about the Company’s business strategy for the next five to ten years. 


The new team will lead a unique company that has the framework in place to create distinctive value. Net One Systems will take confidence in those strengths and work even harder to increase customer satisfaction and deliver sustained growth. 


I hope we can count on your continued support as we work to provide distinctive Net One Systems value and increase corporate value.